Thursday, February 28, 2008

This was not fun!

I took S. to the doctor today since she has these bumps on her thigh that just are not going away. Not only are they not going away, but they are beginning to multiply. Doc took a good look and pronounced them to be some unpronounceable thingy or the other that is akin to warts. Soooo, he told S. he needed to blow some cold air on them so they would go away. S. promptly fell apart.

Ugh! I had A. with me, and handed her to the nurse to hold while I held down S. The doc then sprayed the spots with liquid nitrogen. Oh, the screaming and crying! You'd think we were beating her. The child never even winces during her flu shot... this should have been nothing. The promise of a treat and a visit from Daddy did soothe her.

Now we get to inspect L. head to toe tonight for the same condition. I really hope we don't find anything...

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