Sunday, October 08, 2006

Shotgun Approach - Again


Disney World was fabulous! All four of us had a great time, even if S. did experience anxiety in just about everything that was in the dark. Oh, and Fantasmic! is NOT for preschoolers. It scared the poop out of S., but L. thought it was great fun.

I had been nervous that L. would be scared to death of the characters walking around. She is at that awkward separation-anxiety-riddled toddler age. However, the opposite held true. We had more work hauling her screaming, kicking self away from the characters than I had ever imagined. It was pretty funny watching her get so keyed up over seeing Flik or Pooh that she looked like she was going to split in two pieces.

S. behaved similarly when it came to the princesses. We ate one meal at the Akershus where you spend your meal having various Disney princesses stop by your table to chat. S. looked like she was part Tigger, she could NOT stop bouncing. We mentioned to the host of the Akershus that S. had seen Ariel (who was greeting all those coming in for dinner) at the Spectromagic parade two evenings before. Magicaly, Ariel remembered S. from the parade and asked her how she liked the Magic Kingdom. S. was terribly impressed.

I don't know if it was Disney magic, or we just had an incredible run of good luck. We had great timing for just about everything we did. We got in a hideously long line to wait for a bus, and poof! three busses come. The line for Dumbo took longer than we thought, so we weren't finished when the fireworks started. Poof! we are riding Dumbo during the fireworks out high in the open (spectacular!). We were going to ride the ferry, but I wasn't feeling well. Poof! we catch the monorail, and the gentleman monitoring everybody asks if we would like to ride up front with the driver. It was like that the whole trip.

Back home

We arrived home very late Wednesday evening, and poured the kids in bed. Thursday, I noticed my cat Nadya was not moving. I went to pet her and felt every rib, vertebrae and the bones of her pelvis poking through. After a 2 hour long vet visit, I get the news that she's severely diabetic, she has developed toxic levels of ketones in her body, her cholesterol is through the roof and she has some liver damage. All in all, it does not look good for kitty. The vet told me he would try very hard to turn her around, but that if there was anything else wrong with her, he would not want to even try. We've started insulin injections twice a day, and I've changed up her food a bit. Tuesday through Thursday next week, they will do regular blood draws and try to get her blood sugar regulated. It was 391 (supposed to be 180) when I brought her in on Thursday and 394 on Friday, so we've already upped the insulin dose a bit.

I'm petrified of needles, so I'm pretty proud of myself for remaining calm enough to give kitty her insulin injections. Now, I've just got to decide if we're going to try home blood glucose monitoring (assuming we can get her stable), but that would entail even more needles as well as blood on a really regular basis. Nadya is looking better already after four days on insulin and massive subcutaneous fluid injections, so I am hopeful.



TxGambit said...

Wow, it sounds like y'all had a great time!!!!

Sorry to hear about the kitty. I hope Nadya is feeling better now.


Mayberry said...

That was kinda the definition of good news/bad news, huh? Hope the kitty continues to improve.

My 4-yr-old would be ALL OVER meeting a Disney Princess or two!