Thursday, July 13, 2006

Birds, birds, birds

We have birds everywhere! It is amazing! The little nest in our entryway (ick, but interesting) has produced 8 new birdies for our little bird-deprived neighborhood this year. When we first moved into our house, I was disappointed that despite the fact we are on the edge of cow pastures and other more nature-friendly environments, our neighborhood was very sparse on birds. Now we pull into our driveway and see a row of the prettiest little black birds with yellowish bellies lined up on our roof. Doves come and go, and I've even spotted a robin or two.

I have enjoyed watching the nest antics this year, but I'm sick to death of bird poop all over my front door. Hopefully Mr. W. can knock down the nest (again!) before the birdies start another clutch. There is just one bird left that hasn't quite grown enough to be on his own. Let's hope he flies off before mama bird lays more eggs!


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