Monday, July 17, 2006

Are people really this rude?

I headed down to our little snack bar/cafeteria type dealy in search of therapy by cookie. While I was standing in line to make my purchase (two peanut butter chip peanut butter cookies, YUM), the gal in front of me was talking on her cell phone. She plopped down 27 cents (the cost for a bag of popcorn), accepted the popcorn bag from the cashier and walked off without once making eye contact or in any way acknowledging the cashier's existence. This strikes me as extremely rude.

I think we're becoming slaves to our cellphones.

Is it really so difficult to tell the person you are conversing with on the phone to hold on a sec while you maintain a minimal level of civility with the person who is standing right in front of you?



TxGambit said...

I could not agree with you more!!!! If I happen to be on the cell phone while in line at the store/cafe or whatever, I will look at the cashier and say "Thank you.".... at the VERY least!

Very rude.


Tree said...

You are absolutely correct.

I read an article in the NYTimes Magazine about the wireless headpieces with Bluetooth technology and how the youth of today (twenty-somethings and younger) are rebelling against what they perceive to be rude corporate America behavior.

It's very true.