Sunday, July 02, 2006


S. received her first official haircut today. I have a little baggie with about 1 inch worth of trimmed hair. She didn't really want her cut, but I convinced her that she will have more fun at swimming lessons if some of the dead hair was cut out. I also told her that her hair would grow faster after it had been cut. Bad me, but the ends of her hair were really damaged.

L. started giving bear hugs today. I was carrying her to our room to get her shoes, when she latched on and held tight with all her strength. So nice. She did the same for Mr. W. and grandma at church this morning.

We have a bird's nest in our entryway. Mama and Daddy bird fledged 1 group of three babies already. Now they have five babies in the nest. It's an odd group, three of them are one size and two of them are quite a bit younger (a week or two, I'm guessing). I worry that the two littlest ones won't make it, but so far, Mama and Daddy are continuing to feed all five babies. I'm keeping a bit of a close eye on them since I don't want S. to discover a dead baby bird outside our front door.


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Mayberry said...

Very sweet... Don't you want to start singing "Sunrise, sunset..." :)