Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Inquiring Minds...

Who REALLY thinks a kid's meal only needs one napkin?
Nobody who has met my kids.

How far will my car REALLY go after the fuel light comes on?
Hoping I don't find out, since Mr. W. would never let me live it down.

Is it REALLY worth the expense of having a birthday party outside the house?
In a word? YES!!!!! Birthday party for S. to be held at local museum. We may just do all birthday parties there.


Mayberry said...

We just had a party at a roller rink--was awesome. Only $5/kid, cannot be beat!

Anonymous said...

One fast food napkin is NOT enough for an adult, even. I still grab a handful for just me, and first swipe one across the table! It at least gets the left over salt off if not any extra grems lurking.