Friday, April 10, 2009

Because I've Lost My Everloving Mind, That's Why

Question: Why am I busily handcrafting birthday party invitations at 10:30 at night? See above.
I am the new owner of a Cricut Expression. This little gizmo cuts out just about any diecut my little heart can imagine. I'm having a ball with it, and so are the older girls. We've printed Tinkerbell fairies, big flowers, little flowers and even little banners with the girls' names. S. and L. have had a ball 'helping' me load the paper and push the buttons to cut things out.

I'm printing the ladybug layout I designed all by my little lonesome to act as S.' birthday party invitations. I used the trial version of the Design Studio software to make the ladybugs (using the Accent Essentials and Plantin Schoolbook cartridges that came with the machine). I'm not ready to fork over the additional money for the full version of the software. It's got some annoying limitations, but it does work with the existing cartridges. There is another application that does not work with the cartridges but will allow the user to design anything with it. I'm torn, but think I will wait until Christmas to ask for one of them from Santa.

Ugh, this turned into a product review. I do enjoy my new toy, and a girl has to have something to reward herself for doing her icky, icky taxes, right?

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