Saturday, April 18, 2009

I have got to stop reading political stuff

Reading some commentary on the economy, I ran across this lovely gem of a comment:

I wonder if they found the clue as to why conservatives are a brainless , selfish , untrustworthy bunch of CIA name revealing traitors ?

Charming, huh?

As a conservative type person, I can honestly state that:
1. I am not brainless. Although, I do have boneheaded moments.
2. My charitable contributions are now and have been a significantly higher percentage of my income than Barack Obama's. Significantly! (You can Google his returns and see for yourself his typical charitable contribution rates.)
3. My family, friends and employer have all found me trustworthy.
4. I have had zero contact with the CIA. and
5. I have never categorically assigned a derisive description to all liberals. I save that for specific individuals, like the hate-filled bit of nonsense above.

The hyperbole of the comment just drives me bananas. And I see it everywhere! I completely understand resentment from the more liberal part of our population. I'm feeling a considerable amount of resentment myself. Name calling is incredibly immature, and this blind hatred is destructive. Can't we JUST GROW UP!!!!!!

Oh, and I see it plenty from hate-filled conservative bits of nonsense. It's beyond disgusting.

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