Saturday, November 15, 2008


I've got two 'oh for crying out loud' issues. Let me just get these off my chest.

1. Before you start spouting how giving the bailouts directly to the American people will make us all wealthy, please do just a tiny bit of math. Please? $700 billion divided among 300 million does not come out to $233,000. Really. It comes out to $2,300.

2. About the Baylor University 'noose' thing. People, it was a rope in a tree. Kids were swinging from it. You know, for fun? It was as racially motivated as the pumpkins they tossed off the parking garage. Don't get me wrong, I know there are racial issues and racists that attend, but those are actually the exception.

FWIW, the only noose I ever heard about at Baylor was when some students attempted to lynch a (white) Catholic about 100 years ago. Fortunately, they were interrupted in this endeavor. One of my history professors pointed out the tree, which was still standing when I was a student. It's the big, ugly tree in the quadrangle, by the way.

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