Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back off the meds

I am back off the anti-depressants. Many of my fears concerning them were coming true.

The side effects lessened in some areas and worsened in others.
I could not stop having anxiety issues that A. was suffering from the effects of the meds.
I also basically stopped eating since my appetite was completely gone.

I've talked to my doc, and I won't be trying again until after A. is weaned. He did say that if I could find out if any member of my family had successfully taken an anti-depressant, I'd run about an 80% chance of it working for me. I told him based on the amount of alcoholism and other issues, my family was far more likely to self-medicate. He just wasn't interested in prescribing valium like my grandmother took for so many years, LOL.

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Mayberry said...

Hope you find something that works, eventually -- darn that doctor for not whipping out the "mommy's little helpers." :)