Tuesday, November 11, 2008

At least it wasn't RSV

Miss A. knows how to do misery right. Poor little lamb ran the full spectrum last week and this past weekend.

Fever, congestion, wheezing and the struggles to breathe weren't enough. She also cut her first two teeth. Poor little thing.

She is a pretty remarkable baby, though. Through it all, she still remained in pretty good spirits, so long as I was holding her. At the doctor's office, she went to the nurse, the x-ray tech (had to rule our pneumonia), back to the nurse and back to the x-ray tech without complaining. I had to run into work for a few minutes with her and stashed her with three different people so I could get a few things done. Again, no complaints (but she was awfully glad to see me).

She would have an awful coughing fit and then go right back to cooing and babbling just as soon as it was over.

I wasn't kidding when I told Nurse Bonnie that A. is like that fantasy made-up perfect baby. She makes me feel positively competent as a parent.

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