Tuesday, April 03, 2007

When will I ever learn...

On the way home from work after having picked up the kiddoes, Mr. W. and I had a little conversation about a couple of co-workers. Co-worker A's son is in the same daycare class as L. Co-worker B (the annoying one) is a distant relative we see at the occasional family reunion.

Me: Yeah, I think Co-worker A is about to rip off Co-worker B's head and stuff it up his backside.

S: Why does she want to rip off his head and stuff it up his backside?

Mr. W: [uncontrollable laughter]

Me: Ummmm, I just meant that she's very angry with him.

Mr. W: [more uncontrollable laughter]

One of two things will happen:

1. S. will come up to Co-worker A at daycare and ask her why she wants to rip Co-worker B's head off and stuff it up his backside.

2. S. will come up t0 Co-worker B at a family reunion and ask him why Co-worker A wants to rip his head off and stuff it up his backside.

Gee, I've been a parent for nearly 5 years, and I still make rookie mistakes like this one!



Tree said...

We all do, Mrs. W!

But I do want to know if S says anything...

Mayberrys said...

Now THAT is hilarious!!!!
I am betting on the first one, since it's likely to happen sooner...
Do keep us informed :)