Monday, April 09, 2007

Someone, please shoot me now

Dratted Easter lillies!

I go through this every year. Every single ding-dong year! We get ready for early morning church services on Easter Sunday. I have a niggling thought that I've forgotten something important. In the rush to get out the door in an attempt to actually be on time, I shove that thought out of my head. Twenty minutes after sitting down in the pew, the first full-body sneeze hits and I remember...

I am horribly allergic to the gorgeous white blossoms of doom that are set out each and every Easter Sunday. My sinuses swell to the point it feels like they are about to make an escape through my eyeballs. My throat turns into a flaming red hot torturing device. My nose becomes red and rough from all the tissues. Clear snot pours out of my nose. My teeth ache, and I am all around miserable. It's usually 2-3 days before everything clears out.

Why can't I ever remember this BEFORE I get to church when I can get hold of an antihistamine?

It doesn't help that this year, I am also probably coming down with L.'s cold...

Doed addybody hab a keenex?

M.W. - the congested


tj said...

if you use any kind of calendar system (outlook or even paper-based), just jot down a note for next year. then you can put it out of your head, but future-you will be reminded by past-you to get some allergy medecine. :-)

TxGambit said...

Ack! I have been dying from tree pollen. You described it quite well!

Hope you are feeling better now, a week later.

Mayberrys said...

Oh, you poor thing!!!
Hope you're feeling better by now?

Keith said...

You ain't kidding. There are three kinds of antihistamines. There's the expensive kind that don't make you drowsy, but do nothing. There's the kind that does make you drowsy, but does nothing. I have just learned there's a third kind.

Apparently there's a nasal-spray. Side effects include sore throat. Well, that's what I'm trying to stop, so that just makes it worse.