Friday, March 27, 2009


My department head and his wife have 10 children together. He claims that child-induced stress levels top out with kid number 4. I have no idea if this is true, and I will never find out.

With both of us working outside the home fulltime, three kids is plenty. With A. waking up every two hours for weeks on end, one is more than enough.

I think I am officially moving past the 'I want another child' stage, and into the 'it's gonna be great when everyone is potty-trained' stage of my parenting life.

Actually, lately, it's been, 'I can't wait until I feel comfortable sending all three to Grandma's house.' I suspect that will change once I actually get a few nights with more than 4 hours' sleep.

The combination of A. waking nightly and the stress of my job waking me nightly has really burned me out. I just hope I can hold out through April. May does not look as bad on the work front...

I am looking forward to actually spending time with my little family.


Gretchen said...

Can I even tell you how amazing it is when they're all potty trained? And yes, last summer they went to my IL's for four days while DH and I had a vacation. They also went to my parents for SEVEN days. Heaven, I tell you.

Somedays, I miss the 'baby.' But not very often.

Anonymous said...

Two hours in a row? Every night? Lucky!


Ken said...

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