Thursday, March 05, 2009

Complete Idiocy... and Heartlessness

There are times the insurance industry lives up to its less than stellar reputation. Great American Insurance put on an exceptionally brilliant performance.

There was a fire in an office building (set by an incredibly, mind-bogglingly stupid person, but that's a whole 'nother story). Three people died from smoke inhalation. Great American denied the liability claim stating that there was a pollution exclusion in the liability policy.

I am well aware of this exclusion. Denying a claim because victims of a malicious fire had the audacity to suffocate to death rather than be burnt is NOT THE INTENDED PURPOSE OF THIS EXCLUSION!!!!!!!

I cannot believe 2 facts in this case.

1. Great American following this ridiculous path
2. The IDIOT judge who endorsed it

The case has been dropped, which is good. However, the families of the victims absolutely should NOT have had to go through this.

Here's an article summarizing the case:

There may very well be excellent grounds for denying the claim. I am not informed of all the particulars. However, the pollution exclusion is NOT IT.

Update: I've been asking around, and I am not alone in my assessment. Basically, the entire insurance industry is in an uproar over this idiocy. It threatens time-tested contractual language and has royally ticked off the Texas Department of Insurance. And, it has messed up one of my major projects at work. I am still so angry about this. Something about watching people in my professional area behave like unethical raging morons really gets to me.

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