Monday, January 12, 2009

Neato thingy I learned...

I've been annoyed that I can't listen to my MP3 player while it is charging on my computer. However, there's a pretty easy fix for that.

1. Take a little piece of paper and cover the middle two wires inside the USB plug. Carefully plug the cable into your computer without dislodging the paper. I think you want to be extra careful to JUST cover the middle two since I am fairly certain the outer two are made up of one live and one ground. You don't want to fry your lovely MP3 player.

2. Plug your player in the other end and voila! The computer is not trying to 'talk' to the player, but electricity will still travel into the player.

I don't know how many players this works for, but it did well on my little Sansa Clip.

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