Friday, January 09, 2009

Hanging up the Horns

10 months for S.
12 months for L.
11 months for A.

That is 2 years, 9 months of my life devoted to pumping milk at work for my babies. I'm through!

No, A. is not weaned. No, I am not giving up pumping altogether. I am just done hauling the pump and paraphernalia back and forth to work every day. Of all the drudgery that accompanies pumping, the back-and-forth aspect isthe most onerous (to me, anyway).

When L. was a baby, I bought a second pump so I could leave one at work. However, in a moment of 'we're never having any more babies, so why do I need two pumps'-itis, I sold one to a co-worker. Since we are now 100% committed to 'we're never having any more babies'-itis, I decided not to fork over the large chunk of change for a new pump.

This is only day 2 of no pumping during the work day, and I'm pretty uncomfortable. I'll pump when I get home, though and am guaranteed to get at least 10 ounces. Actually, yesterday, I managed to extract 12.

I felt oddly naked walking into work yesterday. All I carried was my purse. It's been a very long time since I didn't have a laptop or pump to haul in with me in the morning. This morning was easier since I had the laptop.

Based on previous experience, A. will wean around 14 months old following a steady decline in breastmilk production. Since she was 11 months on Tuesday, this very special time is drawing to a close. I don't miss the pregnancy part of having a baby, but boy do I love nursing my little girls. Is it bad that I hope A. breaks the trend and nurses to 18 months?

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Tree said...

A momentous decision! Did you feel like something was missing all day? And how did your breasts like it? Mine would have been aching like crazy, I think, at least by the time I was home.

Good job. Truly very admirable.