Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fun with the Wheezers

Arriving home from visiting with co-worker whose son passed, I walked into pandemonium:

S. sitting in the timeout spot: He put me in time-out for NO REASON. I got a color change for NO REASON. *all said while wailing away*

Me: So, L. how was your day?

L.: I had a blue day *code for good day*

Me: Oh, that's nice. S. sounds sad.

L.: No. S. not sad, S. in trouble!

S.: I'm not in trouble, YOU'RE in trouble.

L.: Not in trouble.

S.: YOU'RE in trouble!

L.: NOT in trouble!

S.: YOU'RE in trouble!!!!


Me *laughing at this point*: Mr. W. can we run away from home now?

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