Friday, April 04, 2008

Timeline - Or I Didn't Need This Right Now

How my Thursday went:

5:30 am - A. wakes up ready to eat. Diaper change, nursing session, back to sleep

6:00 am - Lay out clothes for L. hop in the shower, get dressed

6:30 am - L and S up out of bed, eat, dress, mess around

7:00 am - A up again and ready to eat

7:30 am - load everyone up and out the door

7:45 am - drop S. off at school

8:10 am - rear ended while on the way to drop off L and A, minor tension headache worsens considerably. L. very angry that I allowed the bump to happen. Nobody hurt.

8:45 am - Still waiting for officer to finish paper work and L has to potty NOW. Use potty in back of van (thank you, Mr. W. for ensuring we are prepared for this sort of emergency).

9:00 am - Finally get A and L to school.

9:20 am - Finally get me to work, call mom and boohoo on the phone a few minutes

10:00 am - Call to agent of guy who rear ended me and give claim info. All's good and claim will be paid

10:10 am - Call to body shop that has already replaced our bumper twice. Consider asking them if they can replace with flourescent pink this time.

12:00 pm - Call from claims office. Further claim information taken and all is good.

12:10 pm - Another call from claims office. Claim is denied after all since driver was excluded. Driver all kinds of apologetic and wants to pay my damages out of his pocket.
Tension headache getting really bad at this point

1:00 pm - Call to body shop to ask their experiences with having another pay for repairs. Trying to decide if I want my insurance company to deal with him or just do it myself. Ultimately decide I want to let my insurance company deal.

1:30 pm - Call to guy's agent to make sure he knew what was going on. I suspect there may be an E&O issue, but don't plan to mention that to anyone involved.

1:40 pm - Call to my insurance co. to set up claim. Very nice claims rep answered all my questions. She needs to verify that the accident will be covered under Uninsured Motorist (it will be), which will be to my financial benefit.

4:45 pm - Headache bad enough that I decide to go home. Halfway there, realize I left claim paperwork on my desk. Go to call Mr. W. to ask him to grab it when I realize the cell phone was left on top of the paperwork. Briefly consider returning to the office to get phone and paper work but decide not to.

5:00 pm - Pull into Sonic to buy a strawberry limeade. About to head out without tasting the drink first, and realize what kind of day I've had. Take a big swig and realize that the drink is very, very, very wrong. Wait 5 minutes for them to change out the Sprite machine and fix a new drink.

5:10 pm - Get home and realize I don't have the clicker to the garage door and the front door is chained. Fool with the gate to get into the backyard and hope and pray the bees that have been hanging around our back door are gone. Get in the house, put an ice pack on my neck, lay down on the couch with my drink and call my mom again.

This was a pretty yucky day, but it would have been unbearably worse if my foot had slipped off the brake when the guy hit us.

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