Friday, September 21, 2007

You know what's fun?

What's fun is getting a phone call from your 5 year old's Kindergarten teacher informing you that:

a. Despite having a good morning, your daughter wound up having a color change in the afternoon. This makes 4 days in a row.

b. She had a crying fit in the cafeteria because she had lost her lunchbox. The lunchbox was found in the hallway where she dropped it. Crying fits are VERY unusual for this child unless she is sick.

c. When you ask the Kindergarten teacher if there's been anyone sick in her class, she informs you that yes, there was a child out with strep throat. You proceed to groan and tell the teacher that your daughter is very susceptible to strep and between the exposure and the crying fit, you are 99% sure your daughter has strep as well.

d. You call your husband's cell phone and the home phone trying to reach him in the faint hope he can get your daughter to the doctor for a strep test this afternoon only to reach nothing but voicemail.

This is fun... NOT

1 comment:

Builder Mama said...

ARGH. Hope she doesn't have strep, or at least got some meds fast!