Friday, April 07, 2006

Whatever you do, don't get S. mad

S.'s imagination has been working overtime recently. Instead of always claiming to be a little blue horse, now she's a snake, a ground hog, a butterfly, etc. I'm enjoying her branching out and get a lot of entertainment in her stories about how she's now a giraffe and has a baby giraffe and on and on.

Last night, Mr. W. was working very hard to brush S.'s teeth. S. resisted strenuously until she pulled out the ultimate threat card. I was getting L. settled down to sleep when I heard the following:

Mr. W.: S. it is time to brush your teeth.

S.: NO!

Mr. W.: S., I am going to brush your teeth now. Open.

S.: NO!

Mr. W.: S., it is time to get ready for bed. Open your mouth now.

S.: I'm a skunk!

Mr. W.: I need to brush your teeth!

S.: I'm a skunk and I'm going to spray you! See, I sprayed you and now you're all stinky.

It was really hard not to laugh so I wouldn't disturb L. Ah, well, at least she's not calling people names.


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Builder Mama said...

LMAO - that is great! Awesome story.