Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Triple Threat - Or How the Pants Problem Has Hit the Wheezers

Before the advent of the 90s, I assumed there were only two ways to wear pants: clean or dirty. Now that I am much older and fashions have changed, alas, I have learned wearing pants has become an artform.

Take S. for example. She is 9 and is only comfortable in her pants if she is in danger of exposing her nether regions. When she was a toddler, 'pull up your pants' became a constant theme in our house. She is quite thin, so I can kind of wrap my head around why she might have trouble keeping her pants in her hip region.

Moving on to L. This child knows how to wear pants. Hers always sit right at hip height. Never do I see any part of her rear end while she is out in public. Ah, I am so proud.

Now we have A. She is three, and she insists on keeping her pants yanked up as far as they will go. The child has a constant wedgie, and I just can't understand it. Isn't it uncomfortable? It sure makes me wince.

With S. we worry about the top part of her bottom hanging out. With A., she yanks her shorts up so high, we worry about the bottom part of her, er, bottom hanging out.

I wonder if I can get L. to give her sisters instruction on how pants are supposed to be worn...

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