Monday, December 03, 2007

School Assessment and Report Card Time

I attended my first ever parent-teacher conference on Thursday, November 22. Overall, S. is doing quite well academically. She's blowing through her standardized tests. Her class is participating in an experimental study intended to identify students at-risk for math problems. Part of the assessment is to take a series of math tests at the beginning, middle and end of the school year. The big 35 question exam, she got all of 3 questions wrong and ranked 'Very Superior'. She's also showing proficiency in most of the verbal/reading elements. Her teacher indicated she's the only one in the class who has done that. (Big, warm, prideful mommy glow goes here)

However (and you know, there's always a 'however'), S. continues to have some behavior problems. I'd say a full 1/2 of the worksheets she brings home are only half done. This is because she is not listening to her teacher, following directions and being quiet during the 20 minutes she's supposed to be working on the blasted things. It's not a big deal in Kindergarten. She is learning the stuff as evidenced by her test scores. However, this will become a significant issue in 1st grade, when the kids will have much more in the way of silent work.

She is also having behavior problems in PE. The tail end of class, the kids are arranged in alphabetical order. Unfortunately, this puts her right next to the kid most likely to harrass another kid. He is having family issues, bless his heart, and winds up acting up at school. S. is the kid most likely to give a good reaction when harassed. I cannot believe the PE teachers haven't made a little change with the seating arrangement. S.' regular teacher and I both agreed that while S. needs to learn to ignore certain behaviors and this boy needs to learn to stop certain behaviors, sitting these two next to each other is not the best way to accomplish this. S.' regular teacher has asked that the kids be moved around, but the PE teachers have not agreed. If I get another 'fix your kid because she's been awful in PE' note, I will be setting up a conference with the PE teachers and make the same request.

Overall, S. is doing just fine. She's making lots of friends (judging by the fact we can't go anywhere without some kid running up to her and giving her a big hug) and really loves going to school. Plus, her penmanship has improved dramatically. I was writing as well as she is now only after my 2nd year of Kindergarten.

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